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    By submitting this Application, the undersigned warrants that the applicant and each individual listed authorizes and warrants as follows: (a) Conserv Equipment Leasing, LLC, it’s heirs & assigns or affiliates may obtain commercial and consumer credit reports, investigate references and statements, and make other credit inquiries about the applicant and that all such individuals, and anybody contacted in connection therewith may release any credit and financial information; (b) Conserv Equipment Leasing, LLC, it’s heirs & assigns or affiliates may share with one another and outside credit reporting and monitoring agencies financial, credit and other information about the applicant and such individuals and use shared information to market to the applicant and the individuals; (c) the information on or accompanying the Application is true and complete, and the undersigned will notify Conserv Equipment Leasing, LLC of any material change in any information; (d) the Application is submitted in connection with financing solely for business and commercial purposes and NOT for personal, family or household purposes. NOTICE TO THE APPLICANT: By entering your name below and submitting this Application to us, you agree that this Application is an electronic record executed by you using your electronic signature.